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SOAP-n-SCENT is committed to creating beautiful, high-quality products using the finest natural ingredients available.

We comply our safe working condition with the standards as set by Ministry of Labour who based their standards on the ILO (International labour organization) conventions. We also have achieved the superlative requirements of Thai Corporate Social Responsibility and were certified by The Department of Labour Protection and Welfare.

Our handmade artisanal soaps come in variety of scent and packing options. We offer SOAP-n-SCENT brand labeling and shelf displays, white labels, or custom labeling.

SOAP-n-SCENT is located in a beautiful hometown of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chiang Mai is popular with tourists from all over the world because of its proximity to the Himalaya Mountains and many other wonderful attractions. Over the years, Chiang Mai has developed a worldwide reputation for its handmade, artisanal products and crafts. Soap-n-Scent aspires to continue building upon this marvelous tradition by offering the world the best in handmade bath and body products using traditional methods enhanced by cutting edge science.

We have grown our business internationally over the past years with a dedication to offering beautiful, affordable handmade soaps of the highest quality in attractive packaging.

As our production house expands, we have recently added even more glorious scents and luxurious skin care emollients to choose from. If you have a chance to visit Chiangmai, please stop and visit us for a glimpse into SOAP-n-SCENT's production process. We will continue to keep you updated about new products and news on our website.



Our moisturizing cleansing bars are formulated with pure essential oils and natural colors.

We consider it immoral to kill an animal for a bar of soap. So we make our soaps with pure vegetable oils that do not clog skin pores unlike animal fats.

Our basic soap recipe starts with rice bran oil, an excellent moisturizer. Then we select palm oil containing a high percentage of oleic. This makes the soap a superior conditioning and cleansing bar. Next, we put in palm kernel and coconut oils to provide even more moisture and give a rich, fluffy lather. Finally, we add olive oil as an emollient to produce the ultimate,deep moisturizing effect.

Every bar of soap contains natural glycerin, a by-product of our homemade process. This natural glycerin helps improve your skin's moisture balance by attracting external moisture and holding the moisture on your skin, without interfering with the skin's natural functions. We select only the purest essential oils that not only benefit your skin, but also enhance your spirit through aromatherapy.
Choose from over fifty scents and designs. Each unique bar is handmade and hand-cut under careful quality control.

Fancy Glycerine Soap

We carefully handcraft our beautiful, high quality glycerin soaps to cleanse and refresh your skin with a soft, smooth lather. Each of our soaps contain vitamin E and sweet almond oil to nourish and pamper your body.

Choose from over thirty scents and designs. Each unique bar is handmade and hand-cut under careful quality control.

Pamper yourself and impress your guests with SOAP-n-SCENT!


To create fair trade products that make bathing is more than just a way of getting clean.

support equity and environmental sustainability.
create wellness of living.
Create work place where people are happy to work.
Keep what we promise.
Inspire the spread of Fair Trade to others.


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